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Veggie Quiche

Everything in this recipe can be subbed for #vegan products. I still can’t find vegan butter sticks at the local grocery store. I will admit, it’s still hard to have #vegancheese ; we‘re not there yet. Lol

But I promise this super easy to make. Just chop everything up first!


*Vegetables: 2 cups of frozen hash-browns (be sure potatoes covers the bottom completely)

1/3 cup of minced red bell pepper

2 tablespoons of minced white onion

1/2 cup spinach (chopped)

3 non-dairy maple sausage patties (chopped) #MorningStar


2 sandwich cheddar cheese (chopped) 8 brown eggs

1 tablespoon of butter stick


Salt, pepper, dried onion bits, turmeric, dried parsley


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F Spray bottom of standard cake pan, pour hash-browns evenly, season, (cut pieces of butter around potatoes, *optional)

  2. Pour red bell pepper and onion evenly

  3. Sprinkle chopped maple sausage and half of cheese

  4. Wisk eggs, season, add spinach

  5. Pour eggs evenly over platter

  6. Place in oven 35-40 minutes or until golden , let sit for 5 minutes.


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