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Potato + Noodle Soup🌱

On nights I don’t know what to cook, and the weather is crazy, I make soups 🤗

Growing up my mother and grandmother always made #sancocho 😋 and other homemade soups. Now that I’m a mother, I try to find other ways to incorporate soups!

I love to use @eatloisa seasonings because I know they are #organic and safe for my family. Loisa is also a small business and #Latinxfounded

If you haven’t noticed I use their products in everything I cook. Go to their site and grab a jar, you won’t regret it.


2 medium brown potatoes (pealed and cut into 1/4 inch)

3 small garlic cloves

1 large carrot

1/2 cup chopped white onion

3 c of water

2 c of veggie broth

1 tbsp grapeseed oil

* 1 tbsp fresh cilantro for garnish (optional)


1 tsp chicken flavor

1/2 tsp herbs de province or dry rosemary/ thyme

2 tsp Adobo (#Loisa )

* salt & pepper to taste

1. Place oil, onion, carrot, garlic cloves, and seasoning in a big pot, cook until sweat

2. Add water & vegetable cube cook for 5 min, then add potatoes & carrots (let sit in water before adding), stir.

3. Cook on low covered for 20 minutes. Removed garlic cloves, mash, then stir back into soup.

4. Cook until potatoes are soft. Let soup cool, then serve.

5. Cook noodles separately according to box directions, strain, and then serve with soup. This help control noodles and keep from getting over cooked.


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