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Sunshine Autobiography

Sunshine Autobiography

Sunshine is an Autobiography about a first time mother, J. Desiree Rodriguez. She struggled with being pregnant, managing two jobs, entrepreneurship, student life, and becoming a first time home buyer.


Sunshine is about the light of pregnancy that showed Desiree how to adapt, learn about herself, and most importantly, conquer a traumatic change in her life.


Motherhood is about finding the balance and peace within yourself, while also loving and caring for your child. Desiree hopes Sunshine gives you light, laughter, and joy.


Find the light in pregnancy and motherhood that carries you through.  

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Judge’s Commentary*:

This account of the author's pregnancy, birth, and post-birth challenges is so detailed and intimate, it's almost like watching a public demonstration. The author doesn't hesitate to recount the changes her body goes through during her pregnancy. She experiences "all-day morning sickness" and she watches/feels her body go through changes that, while normal, are still first-hand and unique.


While committed to her relationship and her upcoming baby, she nonetheless confesses she took three months to tell anyone. In 43 short pages, the author tells candidly her post-birth challenges, both physically and emotionally. The changes in her body, while pronounced, were not unusual. Providing milk for her baby required the author to become "a breast pumping machine,"she writes. 


A few black-and-white photos, including one of the home pregnancy test sticks, add authenticity to the narrative. The volume ends with some tips for pregnant moms regarding ointments and oils that might help during and after the birth. The cover with its image of the author against a "sunshine yellow" background, confirms the title as the celebration and  joy, after all other things, of her healthy baby.



"I had the honor and privilege to preview J. Desiree Rodriguez’s book SUNSHINE “A Quick Guide and Story for First Time Moms”. This book is a must read for all Mamas to Be or  New Mamas. She walks you through the components of pregnancy and post partum life that are often missed.

Rodriguez candidly shares her experiences from the low moments to the high moments. It is a quick read which is perfect because mothers are ALWAYS busy. It is important to be knowledgeable on the changes that will happen to your body after becoming a mom. Moms do NOT miss out on this book." 

Book Review Written By:

Christina Kanu /CEO of Christina Kanu Consulting / @MissKanu

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