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Veggie Flatbread

Easy, quick, and affordable…

Lately, I have decided to convert to a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. I have found it most difficult, because of the fact I am pregnant and my mind goes blank when I try to come up with things to cook.

I came up with an easy 10-20 minutes recipe, for a homemade pizza.


*ALL ingredients can be substituted for vegan products* 

1 bag of pizza dough (I used one that you add water and let sit for 5 minutes)

1 bag of mozzarella cheese

1 small can of pizza sauce

1/4 cup of minced red bell pepper

1 tablespoon of minced white onion

1/2 of a small zucchini (thinly sliced to look like pepperoni)

1/4 cup of white flour

1 8×10 non-stick cookie sheet (about half the size of a regular cookie sheet)

*** PAM cooking spray (I used the olive oil version)

*** Add pepper, salt, dry oregano, dry parsley, sazon (season to your liking, however I used all of these ingredients)


  1. Follow instructions on the pizza dough and set a side in a bowl for 5-10 minutes covered.

  2. Pre-heat oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit

  3. In a small pan, pour small can of pizza sauce. Cook at medium temperature. Add dry ingredients, red bell pepper, and onion.

  4. Cook until all of the ingredients are incorporated. Once cooked, turn burner off and place to the side to cool down.Spray cookie sheet with PAM, set a side.

  5. Once dough has set, sprinkle a little flour on top of dough and on the cookie sheet. Try to round the dough. Next, place dough in the middle of the cookie sheet.

  6. Flatten the pizza dough and make even as much as possible (with your hands or rolling pin).

  7. Pour sauce on top of pizza dough (depending on how you like your sauce, you may not pour all of it).

  8. Add mozzarella cheese, then zucchini. I added a little more pepper, salt, and parsley for more flavor.Bake in oven 13-17 minutes or until golden brown.

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