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Street Spicy Green Sauce Fish Tacos

Street Spicy Green Sauce Fish Tacos

This how I know I have been San Antonio for a long time now. I love tacos! **Side note, that is the only Mexican dish I truly enjoy to eat. It is easy to make, throw together, and twist the recipe each time!

Since the birth of our daughter, my husband has been on paternity leave, including from his workout challenge as well. He is now back on his challenge and is ready to get back on track to losing the weight he wants. So one of my favorite types of fish I enjoy eating is called Swai (Bass) fish. It’s like a Catfish/ Tilapia; however, its less calories and has no fishy taste, like the other two. My husband doesn’t like seafood, so the no fishy taste, the better.

I still try my best to eat no meat, and if I do it is 2-3 times a week, and preferably seafood. This is very tough, considering I grew up eating meat!

I used the Air Fryer again! So if you are trying to lose weight, exit fats from foods, and try new recipes, this one will work for you!




4 filets of Sawi fish (or less depending on your prep, and how many tacos you want)

1 Lime

1 Lemon

½ pack of Sazon

***dry garlic, pepper, salt, parsley, adobo

Green Sauce:

1 hand bunch of Parsley

1 hand bunch of Cilantro

3-4 circle slices of Jalapeño (fresh or jar, with seeds)

1 tbs of Olive Oil

½ cup of Water

1 small Avocado (ripe)

½ -1 Lime

1 Garlic Clove


¼ of Red Bell Pepper (cut into strips)



In a bowl, first wash Sawi fish thoroughly in cold water. Drain water. Next, squeeze lime and lemon over fish, make sure each fish is covered (I usually flip the fish on both sides to make sure the citrus is distributed evenly).

Let sit for 5 minutes.

On one side season with the remaining ingredients.Place two Swai filets in the Ary Fryer ( I use Olive Oil spray on the bottom to help with the flipping of the fish – optional)

Cook at 350 degrees for 17-20 minutes, I flipped my fish after 10 minutes (optional)

Spicy Green Sauce:

Place all ingredients in a blender! Put as many Jalapeños as you like as well as lime! After done blending, place sauce in a bowl, and in the refrigerator, to let cool. Remember to check consistency as you blend, you want to make sure it is the texture of your liking.

Final steps:

Lastly, I use Tostitos white corn street taco tortillas. I heat pan to about medium-high and turn tortillas until they are a texture I like.

Once fish is cooked. Cut fish into strips.Garnish tacos with sauce and red bell pepper.


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