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Memory Cards

As I start to prepare for the new year, I think about different kinetic activities Alana can play with. A few things I keep in mind:

  1. Does this toy grow with Alana (meaning, will she continue to play with it after a couple months)

  2. Is it tiny? That’s a no no.

  3. Will it be all over the house?

  4. Cost effective

  5. Will it challenge Alana intellectually?

My husband and I agreed early-on, that we would not continue to buy toys. When Alana is done with specific toys, we give it to charity or consignment. Our daughter would not completely take over our living room nor make messes throughout our home. So we are truly conservative and tactful in picking toys.

One toy I do recommend however, is the Ruby Rae Society: Beauty & Brains - Match Flash Card/ Memory Game. They are absolutely wonderful! Each pair has a women of color in different variations of skin tone, talent, and style! Take a look at how much fun we had!

Visit their website today:

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