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Learning at Home

When my husband and I started to discuss #education and #learning with our daughter, it seemed minuscule. Alana was only three months or so, at the time. And I remember my #husband saying, "Des, don't you think it's too early to be thinking of all of this?" But to be honest, it is never too early to start planning for your child's education.

With #COVID19, schools shutting down, how can we as parents ensure our children are seeking the help they need? Especially at such a young age. To put things into perspective, there are many states that are behind, and are passing children along because they don't know what else to do with them, or perhaps keeping them enrolled gives the school more funding. Either way, we are not fixing the problem, just putting a #Bandaid over it.

I never knew the deficit in education, until I became an educator. I prefer to be called an educator rather than teacher, because I provide instruction and educate not only in the school house and classroom, but also in many situations that need my instruction and teaching.

#Flashcards are one of the oldest learning tools in education, and are effective. Even for a young learner like my daughter, they are still just as effective as a digital learning platform. I also love to personally connect with my daughter and her learning. I find that in this digital age, many students can not connect, and lack empathy and compassion. So even something as simple as practicing flash cards can not only help her intellect, but also help my daughter to develop social skills.

We began #flashcard practices when our daughter turned about 14 months or so. Even if she could not say the word, we worked everyday. She became familiar with the word, pictures, shapes, numbers, and colors. Every learner learns at a different pace. It is important to remain paitent, but also to continue to practice. Your child/ren will not receive every piece of knowledge at school; education begins at home.

**Tip: I would use the Colors & Shapes to start, and then work in the First Words Flash cards.

These are the links to #Amazon for some of the flash cards we have used!

If you are a #Target shopper, they have many one-dollar flash cards, rather than waiting on a delivery from #Amazon. They are just as good quality! Here are some cards we picked up:


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