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Doggie Bath

On weekends, we love to give the dogs a bath; Cleo the #RatTerrier, and Lola-Mae the #Rottweiler. I love to show my daughter simple-family-bonding moments. I also think it's going to be funny once Lola is full grown; its going to be her show, not lil'ol Cleo's.

Here's some tips we use for our dogs: a large plastic storage container (easy to dry in this #Floridian heat), Flea and Tick Shampoo, and two towels we leave in the garage just for the dogs (I sometimes have to wipe paws, when it's raining outside).

My husband is definitely a #girldad for sure lol! I can honestly say that I cherish these simple moments the most!

Check out all the fun we had in the #sun!

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