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Garlic Fried Rice



1/2 cup Carrots cut to Cubes

1/4 cup of minced Onion

2 minced Garlic Cloves


2 cups of Rice


2 Whisked Eggs or 1 cup of plant-based egg

1 tablespoon of Butter or plant-based


2 1/4 cup of Water

2 tablespoons of Liquid Aminos (or Soy Sauce)

2 tablespoons of Mayo (Japanese, vegan, or regular)



  1. Add rice to bowl, rinse thoroughly, sit in water for 10 minutes

  2. Add water to medium sauce pan, turn on heat to medium.

  3. Add rice, cook for 10 minutes.

  4. Remove from heat, let sit for 5 minutes. Fluff with fork.

  5. While rice is slightly warm, mix mayo.

  6. Next, In a large skillet, add butter, garlic, onion, sauté until combined.

  7. Add rice, and liquid aminos or soy sauce. Mix well.

  8. Once rice had completely been mixed well, push rice to the side, pour egg, cook and scramble. Once egg is cooked, fold into the rice.

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