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Bathroom breastfeeding?

The most awkward moments about breastfeeding is in the bathroom. Or how about traveling in an airport and trying to find a family bathroom with a plug.

Breastfeeding is very demanding and time consuming. I pump on average every 3-5 hours, and approximately 6-8 ounces of milk (3-4 ounces each breast). Because I produce very frequently and leak, I have to make sure I always have enough breast pads, and storage bags. I clean all my breast pump tools on a regular basis (I usually clean once a week with hot Dawn sudsy water). Once a week works best for my schedule and I make sure I clean it really well on the weekend. The good part about breast milk is… it cleans very easily, verses what I have heard about formula.

Resturant restroom

Airport bathroom

Like in my previous post, I mentioned that I have three pumps, however, I use my work pump to travel with (it came with a bag, its light weight, and I can always pack it up from work and keep it moving)!

Recently there was a law passed about airports having nursing rooms for nursing mothers! This is wonderful, but in the meantime, I am stuck trying to find places that are private, not stinky, and sanitary.  When I pump in restrooms, there is always one woman that walks in and says, “Oh I remember those days” or “Oh I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore!” And I think to myself, “gee thanks… it’s not like I want to be in a bathroom pumping, but I have no choice!”

I wish more women would tell these stories, so “us first time mothers” would be prepared! Here are a few tips I always keep in my breast pumping bag: a small cooler (no bigger than a pop-tart box and fabric material – this makes it flexible to carry around), cloth/ wash cloth for milk drips, breast pads, extra storage bags, and hand-sanitizer!

I hope this helps you! Leave a comment below or if you have questions!


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