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Quarter of a Century

(T W E N T Y – F I V E) I was born Thursday, April 9, 1992…

I’m leaving the Kobe year and entering into the next phase of my life… 25.

I believe this birthday is one I wasn’t ready for; how do you really prepare anyhow? Feeling old and closer to “dirty-thirty”. I do believe I have accomplished more than I could have ever dreamed… Perseverance is the key to any success or achievement that a person can achieve.

I hope the world is ready because I am not finished. The key is raising the bar higher each time, why not? You only live once and can’t do anything twice, or grow another arm, leg, live today and do the same day different tomorrow…

Every year, this time around my birthday, tragedy or something drastic happens. This year, my uncle passed away yesterday. He was my only uncle. The most fit, and by far the most one-way-street focused. Meaning he dedicated his entire life to the Army, and would have been promoted to a two-star general this summer.

Prayers for me familia.

I plan to keep reaching for the stars and achieving in all directions.

I value life, in fact I cherish it… cheers to 25.


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