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My Top Seven Beauty Products of 2020

As we end this year of 2020, I wanted to shed some light on my top seven businesses of color in beauty! It’s so imperative we pay attention to what is in ingredients we frequently use and buy. My mission in 2020, was to seek more businesses of color who make awesome products!

All products listed I use on a weekly basis.

Here are my Top seven products: *In no specific order.


Houston, TX

I’ve been using this product the longest! Probably about four to five years. Product ships fast, great customer service, and constantly checking to make sure their customers are satisfied. #MyMinimoSkinEssentials


Soaps By Jah

South Florida

These soaps are all handmade, infused with organic ingredient. From the moment you receive your products you know they were made with love and care! #SoapsbyJah


Lana Fierce

Brandywine, Maryland

If you need a deep scrub for your hair, or have excessive build in your hair, I highly recommend this shampoo: Black Clay and Charcoal! Lana Fierce's products are high quality, and last a long time! #LanaFierce


CurlMix - Watermelon

Curl Mix

Chicago, IL

This product is handmade, vegan, and designed for curly hair! Very light, and organic feel to their product! I use this silicon scrubber on my scalp to help stimulate growth and to get rid of dandruff or product build up! Love their products! #CurlMix


Juices & Botanics

Dallas, TX

This product is science based; which I’m cool with. The CEO was there throughout the entire process! I love the oil serum! Its light-weight and you can apply it daily without your hair feeling overly oily. The spray is very light, so I would recommend using for giving your hair the extra shine or just to add moisture! Also the light weight cream leave in conditioner is amazing! Smells like lemon but doesn’t weigh down your hair! Usually, I’ll use this on day two of my curls. #JuicesandBotanics


Handmade Body Shea Butter

New Jersey

I use this product daily! With this hot Florida weather and my daughters sensitive skin, this is an awesome product! This business is a friend and her business is up and coming, I can‘t wait to share more details.


The Honey Pot Company

When I was first introduced to feminine wash products, it was college. I never knew there was such a thing. But as I got older, I understood the importance of all natural washes and smells; those are the best for your body. I highly recommend #TheHoneyPotCompany natural, great smell, and the product is sustainable.


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