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Organic Soap

I believe this year to be a year of organic. I have been incorporating more organic items in my life more now than ever.

About five years ago or so, I explored organic African Black Soap. I stuck to it for about 4-6 months, but didn’t like the residue it left in the shower and tub, but it did have great benefits: exfoliate skin, helps acne, etc. however, it was suggested to not over-use it weekly becuase it could dry out your skin. Lately, I have been using a small black owned buisness, handmade soap called By Jah Raw Soap Bars, Oats and Honey. This company is #ecofriendly #vegan and the owner offers classes to learn how to make handmade soap!

I use the Oat & Honey raw soap bars on my body and face, and I love it! This by far is my favorite handmade soap company and I will continue to support!

Here are some other soaps offered:

Ginger Lemongrass

Activated Charcoal

Minty Sage and Lavender

Raw Carrot and Turmeric

and much much more!!

I plan to order more soaps this holiday season. Let’s support these business and also, yearn towards healthy lifestyles. Visit today:


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