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Can you Belize the time we had?

I realized the older I got, the more I wanted to spend time traveling and see the world!

Since having my daughter last June, many things have changed; my body, my mentality, and hanging out with friends. In March, my husband, and my good friend Maatra met for brunch. Maatra and I have known each other since college (Norfolk State University)

and catch up every now and then. This particular meet up was special! She got to meet my husband and my daughter, for the first time. Every time we link its always a good time. She’s an all around earthy, and good person to be friends with. This time when we met up, we discussed what’s new, how’s it being a new mommy, and of course the unraveling of school and careers.

I truly felt loved when Maatra invited me to Belize. I have traveled to Mexico a couple times (with my really good friend Noemi), Canada, Holland, and the Dominican Republic, but never a complete girls trip. Once I had a baby, my life felt different, and many perceptions of not being able to do anything, became a normality with my friends. For some reason, the majority of friends thought I was too busy. So this trip definitely was a plus. My husband really wanted me to go and enjoy myself; he said he just wanted me to let loose and have a good time.

When I arrived in Belize City, the airport was the smallest airport I have ever been too. When I got off the plane, I walked down the aircraft stairs (which I have never done before). But regardless of how small the airport was, it didn’t take away from how welcoming the people are. Belizean people are always happy to see tourist and encourage anyone to come back to the country and explore it.

We stayed in a Villa that had three floors. Each room had its own theme and island atmosphere. Very beautiful and chill; I enjoyed it a lot. The food was great too!

Everyone on those islands loved to make stew-chicken, curry, and jerk-chicken; and if you’re looking to have something quick, the “flap-jack” was the best! You could have egg, ham, chicken, beans, cheese, bacon, whatever you want (I personally loved the bean, chicken, and egg, it was delicious); its a fried doe thats thin crusted, cut down the middle to stuff whatever you want in it. Best ever!

Our trip was packed with fun actives and lots of girl time! We hung out at a beach bar that was in the water, Mayan Temples, zip-lining, cave tubing, and a sail boat voyage for the day!

The water taxi was the most dangerous part for me… we had to take boat ride taxis each day to get somewhere (if the activity was off the island). We stayed at the Caye Caulker Island, which is a separate island from Belize City; there’s about four other islands you can explore.

Moments that frighten me the most, are situations I can’t control; airplanes, boats, etc. They scare the shit out of me because I have a family to think about, and all the things I want to accomplish before God calls me home. But the experience makes your adrenaline go crazy, and it is one hell of a feeling. I think it was the second to last day we were there, and the water tides were very rough. I remember telling Maatra that the boat ride from Caye Caulker to Belize City was going to be rough, and it was (just fyi its about an hour boat ride). The scariest shit ever happened LMAO. Our boat almost flipped over; because the captain was going too fast. But the good news is… our guardian angels was with us, and we all made it to land safely lol.

The Mayan Temples felt sacred, yet a breath of fresh air. I had never seen Mayan Temples before, and the experience was amazing. Definitely put this on your things to do list!

As we traveled further into the jungle to do the Zip-Lining, we saw signs that read poisonous: tarantula, jaguar, and armadillo. One of our friends said, “Are they serious?”. I laughed so hard. I was thinking, damn this jungle had everything under the sun to attack us lmao, and for some reason it was hilarious; any moment some poisonous creature could pop out at us! Thankfully, we didn’t see any lol.

Cave tubing was really cool. Our tour guide tied all our tubes together and we had lights on the top of our helmets to see. Throughout our tour we heard stories about the Mayans and how they harvested their crops, who they prayed too, and their beliefs; All fascinating stories! In some moments, everyone turned out their lights and it was pitch black floating through the cave… it was such a creepy-crazy-cool feeling. I was thinking, “Damn there could be a bat above my head and I wouldn’t know it because it’s so damn dark” lol. It was for sure my favorite part of the trip.

Our last activity was the sail boat. We had a really cool captain and co-captain. They made fresh Salve Che, rum punch drinks, and Uber Eats on the sea (our lunch arrived by a small boat)! For this activity my body was not having it. I was getting severe sun burn, while having crazy sea-sickness; I ended up puking over the ledge of the boat, and I felt so much better after words lol. Our sail boat stopped at three locations where we saw different reefs, swam with sharks and sting rays. Personally, I don’t mess with sea creatures, they swim better than me lmao, so I staid my ass on the boat! But I watched the girls swim with them!  We all laughed, drank, ate, and sailed into the sunset!

I can’t Belize the time we all had. We laughed, explored, and we all tried something different. Whats next ladies… Brazil?

Sailed off into the sunset with our rum punch in hand ;)…


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