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A lil’ sweat to be dedicated

First let me start off by mentioning, I have played #soccer, ran #track, basketball, flag football, etc. (whatever sport), it has been a challenge to incorporate #fitness consistently in my life. I love the idea of transforming your body into what you want!

Since #quarantine, I have been in a stressful place. #PhD homework, #COVID-19 and teaching full time, and one of my first loves, my program, Always a Lady First, and being the best #wife and #mother I can be. It’s been quit the struggle this past few months.

I know working out releases endorphins that can help get you to a happy place. Also, this helps keep my #thyroid happy and healthy! And I can honestly say, I’ve been feeling better physically, and I’m still working out the mental part to be honest, but hey I’m a work in progress. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Here are some tips that I have used to get me motivated:

  1. Pick out your workout clothes the day before

  2. Create a set schedule of when you’ll work out

  3. Drinks lots and lots of water 💦

  4. Keep a workout bag in your car

I have completed 6 weeks of dedication to fitness, and I feel really proud!


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