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TV Talk

Weekly my husband and I have specific shows we look forward to watching during the week (I sound very married lol). We plan what day, times, and also look for new and exciting shows that we may enjoy watching together. The shows that always give us a great conversation, are the reality shows. For example, Married at First Sight, Married to Medicine, Southern Charm New Orleans, Black Ink Crew Chicago, and all the Love and Hip Hop’s. We will pause a scene on the TV and discuss if we think a person handled a situation the right way or what we may do in that particular situation. I appreciate the conversations my husband and I have, and I also look forward to them; he’s my best friend.

I can finally get photos of my husband smiling lol!!!

I believe it is important to have different dynamic conversations and discuss them in an adult manner. You never know what life may throw at you; so for me, I need to know what my mate’s mentality is or where he may stand in different situations.

My husband and I never compare our situation to others. I think that is a very prominent component to have in a relationship. Social media consistently illustrates people comparing lifestyles, cars, hair, jobs, money, and I don’t think that is healthy. It’s imperative to always remain on the same page, be grateful, and most importantly, humble for what you have and where you are at in life. Like my mother always says, “you may be unhappy with what you got, but there is always someone who has it way worse.”

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