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Los Angeles

I traveled to Los Angeles for the first time this month. I am not accustomed to “dreaming” about doing something; however, I am accustomed to hard work. I say that to say this: arriving in California was a dream come true. I felt like it was a place where I belonged. I felt free, and happy all at once. However, there are some concerns I have (especially with what I saw, not in particular where I went).

Throughout the city of #LosAngeles, you also have little cities. For example, #LAX, #Inglewood, #SantaMonica, #Venice, #BeverlyHills, and Hollywood. That’s not all of the cities in L.A., just the ones I visited too (in the four days I vacationed).

The main concern that I want to touch base on is, the #homelessness I saw while I was there. I have never in my 25 years of living seen so much homelessness. And from my perspective I have visited several places in my life time, and L.A. is at the top.

A few questions ran through my mind:

Were these people at the top of their game? And lost it all in a day?

Are these people aggressive?

What is the city doing to help?

Do these people want a way out?

It was very sad and overwhelming to see people homeless everywhere. In Venice there was one street full of homeless people with carts, and picking out of trash cans. In Santa Monica, on about every bench had a homeless person sleeping on it. Los Angeles is very beautiful, my heart just goes out to those in need and the life they are living now.

I think about my blessings daily. And when life gets hard, I think about how it could be a lot worse. Please count your blessings and spread love.


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