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 "Nothing Can Dim the Light that Shines from Within."

Every day we communicate to share our ideas, our projects, our goals.

Here I share with you how to do it effectively: communicating is crucial because many of our professional (and personal) outcomes depend on how we know how to present ourselves, the language we use, the words we choose. On what we say with our bodies and our voices.


I am a communication consultant and Literature Matters founder, a published author & poet, a food & travel enthusiast and a former nonprofit founder. Thanks to my experience I play the role of mentor as a professional guide who transmits values, techniques, methodologies and methods to relate and communicate at their best. But most of all, I am a mom who has found the light in herself through pregnancy and motherhood.


If you have just become a mom, you will have to deal with some big changes that are happening in your life. Becoming a first time mom can be quite difficult and very different from what you expected. Here you'll find tips for motherhood, along with yummy recipes and stories about my life and what I love to do most. 

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Amazon Review: 

A beautiful children’s book full of love!

Love this children’s book because the story is about Alana’s & her great grandma, who is my mother.
I tells a story about my mother in the Dominican Republic and it so sweet! The fact that it bilingual is plus! The author is also my daughter! How proud am I! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do! Blessings🙏


Amazon Review:My kids loved your book! They asked me to read it over and over! My oldest daughter (6) enjoyed seeing the little girl go through time and learn great things about her family!! This is definitely a great read for the little ones!




Amazon Review: 
Good book for first time moms!
A very relatable story with some great advice for first time mommies. It was very helpful to read the post partum and breast feeding tips, I'm sure I will revisit this info after my little one is born!


Amazon Review:
The honest truth about pregnancy
Very informative and interesting. The truth about pregnancy and all the honestly about it. Love it!

J. Desiree Rodriguez
“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them.
May we raise them.” – Unknown
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