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Mentorship Services

Mentoring is a training method that relies on a one-to-one relationship between a more experienced individual and a less experienced one (junior, mentee), i.e., a student, in order to have the latter develop skills in academic and social settings. This is an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue, and challenge.

With over 5 years of experience in mentoring and over 6 years of experience in education, I created this mentorship program, strategically developed for adolescents and the school setting. In my mentorship work, a one-on-one relationship is created in which I individually dedicate time to support the mentee in a variety of areas. It is in no way a subordinate relationship, but a relationship characterized by friendliness, cordiality, complicity and mutual trust.


As a guide for younger people:

● I open the doors to the knowledge of culture, values, rituals, techniques, methodologies, networks of relationships and other fundamental elements to live with serenity the school period

● I am the temporary point of reference for the mentee, to whom I offer experience and knowledge to promote growth and integration in the school context


Among the most important activities, we can mention self-esteem workshops, resume building, hygiene etiquette and dress-for-success workshops.

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"I wanted to tell you, thank you for your efforts. You have taken a passion of yours with Always a Lady First Club and given students a place to know themselves better. In addition, you utilize the club to promote our campus in a positive light, and all as a volunteer. Thanks again for what you do and I am glad you are part of the team."
Richard Halle, Taft High School, Vice Principal

"I wouldn't change anything because I felt as if it taught me a lot of things I wouldn't have normally learned. Things like what to and what not to wear to different places, self care, beauty tips, finance things, etc."
Class of 2020


"I joined Always A Lady First my senior year and created several impactful memories as a member in the program. Mrs. Rodriguez was not only extremely helpful with advice & life-lessons but she empowered each student to become the best versions of themselves. I’m very grateful to have become part of the organization because I learned about college, fitness, diet and finances. In the future I will be attending The University of Texas at San Antonio with a major in Neurobiology. As a college student I hope to gain acceptance into medical school and eventually become a surgeon. Although the medical field is extremely rough & competitive, I truly believe that Always A Lady First placed me in the right direction to pursue and reach this dream! "


Class of 2019

"I learned that maintaining a happy, healthy, and clean body, goes beyond simply just showering every day. It involves using certain beauty products and just being confident in who you are as a lady."
Class of 2015

"Yes I feel more confident because I learn a lot of life lessons and what I should do in a situation, so I feel more prepared."


Class of 2020

"I learned how to walk like a lady and how to respect others."


Class of 2017

"I learned many things, but the what stuck out to me was how to set up a table. I also learned a lot about beauty and different ways to take care of our skin."


Class of 2016


"I learned many things, but the what stuck out to me was how to set up a table. I also learned a lot about beauty and different ways to take care of our skin."


Class of 2016

"I learned how to present myself as a lady more than I have already. I learned to walk in heals. I also learned how to take care of my face. I have learned many things, at Always a Lady First."


Class of 2017

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