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Vegan/ Vegetarian Eating

This past weekend, my fiancé and I decided to watch a documentary. Like most situations, we enjoy watching documentaries; they happen to be some of the most factual information you can find in this world. The name of the documentary, is called, “What the health”.

I am naturally a healthy eater/ consumer, and from time to time eat vegan meals or vegetarian meals. However, after this documentary, and the statistics that we became educated on, changed my perspective entirely; if you watch it, the documentary may do the same for you!

Before watching What the health, my fiancé and I decided to stick to a healthy diet (even though we already had been, but a stricter diet to help him reach the weight he wants). Instead, we have decided to try a week of vegan/ vegetarian eating next week. He also agreed to try the vegan restaurant up the street from our house this weekend (I love him.. lol); which I’ve tried several times way before our new plan.

I even questioned the impact of what it may have on my body, because of the fact that I am pregnant. The reality is, you get protein from plant-based foods. Another fact I learned from the documentary, doctors don’t really take nutrition classes. Which means they don’t know the preliminaries or in most instances go off of “other patient’s experiences of being pregnant”. I believe this because, doctors spend majority of their study on how the body works and what medicines help keep it working, not necessarily on the foods that help the problems go away. Medicine, pills, and bad habits that affect body are a goldmine industry.

In essence, I am very excited to begin this new journey of vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle and continue to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to catch up on my latest articles and recipes as I will be posting more frequently this year.


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